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OPI Gel Youre Such a Budapest (E74)
Eye Pad $1.50

Eye Pad pack includes 1 pair.

Gelish Harmony 580

Eyelash Tape

OPI Gel Wooden Shoe Like To Know (H64)

Eyelash Tweezers (Straight Edge)

Ideal gift for shaping brows and hair removal. Solitaire Ultimate Brow Kit features stainless steel satin-finish Tweezer and precision brow scissors embellished with Swarovski crystal accents.

Micro Applicators for Eyelash (100pcs)

IBD Abracadabra

Micro Applicators for Eyelash (25pcs)

About the Product: Create beautiful brows with this 2-in-1 tool. One end features a slant tip tweezer to provide accurate precise tweezing. The other end has a comb to shape and groom eyebrows. Made from 100% stainless steel.