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Cali Supply Bonding (16 oz)

perfect Match royal crystal (126)

Cali Supply Primer (16 oz)

CND NAIL PRIMER .5OZ $15.00 $10.00

Description: Nail Prime is a bonding agent that permanently adheres Liquid & Powder enhancements to the natural nail. It forms a powerful covalent bond between Liquid & Powder enhancement product and natural nails for superior adhesion.

No Lift Primer (0.5 oz)

Perfect Match Red Ruby Rules

No Lift Primer for Sensitive Nails (0.5 oz)

Perfect Match Sealed With a Kiss

OPI Bondaid (1 oz)

OPI Bondaid (8 oz)

OPI Bondex (4 oz) $65.00 $60.00

OPI Bondex (4 oz)

Perfect Match Sangria

The Lion Gel Primer (0.5 oz)

The Lion Gel Primer (8 oz)