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Aora Gel Electro Phoresis Kit (Gep 1)
$50.00 $45.00

The Kit Gep 1 Includes:

1x Aora Grip Base Gel 14ml
• 1x Aora Top Gel 14ml
• 1x Aora The 8 Jet Black Gel 14ml
• 1x GEP Color GEP 1
• 1x Aora Magnet


Note: please use all products enclosed. Please do not mix other product as A-Ora design products to work together and preform to maximum results and long lasting.

– Push Back cuticle and remove the shine from nature nails.
– Apply Grip Base and cure 30 seconds.
– Apply 2 layers if gel polish and cure 30 seconds in between*
– Apply Aora 3D GEP (do not cure).
– Use enclose Aora 3D magnet to create design and cure for 30 seconds.
– Apply one coat of Titanium Top and cure for 1 minute.

* For best result, please hold and use A-Ora Magnet correctly. (Please see picture above). Color movement will take effect after 5 seconds. All visual aggression may varies due to the base color.
* Use enclose black gel for best results.
Note: GEP can apply over any type of existing products or colors.

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